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Unsurprisingly, the Butter Coffee Diet Might Just Be a Marketing Ploy

Does buttery coffee really promote weight loss?

Facebook/Bulletproof Coffee

The hottest trend in the world of diets and drinks right now is the Bulletproof Coffee Diet, which is even spawning a cafe in Santa Monica, California. Tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey is behind the diet, which claims that a mug of fatty coffee (two tablespoons of butter plus one tablespoon of MCT oil) in place of breakfast is the key to weight loss and mental clarity. Though there's a whole eating regimen that's involved, too.

But the whole thing seems to be an extreme fad diet with not many solid health claims. There's the expensive Bullet branded-product line of "Upgraded" coffee and Brain Octane Oil which, Gizmodo says, "There is also absolutely zero evidence to support Asprey's claims that his coffee has fewer toxins or provides better performance." And as for that Brain Octane, it's just overpriced regular MCT oil. Conclusion: "It's almost certainly a bad idea. Ultimately, it seems to me that Bulletproof Coffee is a scheme to get you to buy some very expensive magic beans. There are better ways to get healthy, and there are tastier was to drink coffee that don't involve coating the inside of your blender with butter every morning."