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Givenchy Perfume Cocktails to Debut at London Hotel

London's Hotel Café Royal will collaborate with French couture brand Givenchy on a line of perfume-inspired cocktails.


Fancy French clothing brand Givenchy is partnering with London's bougie Hotel Café Royal to launch a collection of £13 cocktails (just under $20) based off the French designer's L’Atelier de Givenchy perfume line. Slated to debut February 1, the seven drinks were crafted by The Club at Café Royal mixologist Tiziano Tasso, and will be mixed and muddled at the property’s Green Bar through March 31. Per The Spirits Business, "The inspiration behind the cocktails comes from combining couture and fragrance with flavor." Think Cuir Blanc, a Martini drink with Siberian pine needle extract, and Oud Flamboyant, which calls for the less exotic Japanese whisky plus mandarin juice.

Café Royal Hotel

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