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Mimi Cheng's

Bone broth, the green juice of winter, is heating up as more restaurants across the country join the animal-flavored water game. New York chef Marco Canora of Italian staple Hearth is credited with igniting the trend 10 weeks ago when he launched Brodo, a to-go window attached to Hearth distributing coffee cups filled with broths made from long-simmered animal bones. The elixirs, usually cooked for 24 hours, are purported to carry a myriad of health benefits.

Though "bone broth" has long been popular amongst those who follow a paleo diet, the trend is now tracking in restaurants, like Asian Box in Los Angeles, reports ABC. Likewise, Medea’s Espresso and Juice Bar in Arden, North Carolina recently added bone broth to its menu, too. Back at ground zero, Mimi Cheng's, a hip dumpling bar in New York's East Village, launched its own 18-hour simmered pasture-raised chicken bone broth last Thursday. The brew is sold for $4.75 in coffee cups to-go and topped with scallions. There's also the option to add a Taiwanese fish ball for another 50-cents. Pro tip: Customize the broth with Mimi's "secret sauce" or drop in a dumpling or two.

Mimi Cheng's

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