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Donald Trump

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Chicago’s Alinea Invites Clemson Players to Dinner After Trump’s Fast-Food Feast

The Best Reactions to Donald Trump’s ‘Hamberder’ Feast for Clemson Players

Everything the Trump Administration Ruined in Food in 2018

Ruin Thanksgiving With This ‘Trumpkin Pie Martini’

Trump Wants France to Buy More American Wine 

Franchisees Say 7-Eleven Is Using ICE to Punish Troublesome Store Owners

Donald Trump Jr. Dined With Salt Bae Thursday Night

Lunch Was the Only Normal Thing About Donald Trump and Kanye West’s Meeting

D.C. Restaurant Apologizes for Peddling Bottomless Mimosas During Kavanaugh Hearing

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These Are All the Foods Being Affected by Trump’s Trade War

Countries such as China and Mexico have introduced retaliatory tariffs on scores of American goods including coffee, pork, soybeans, and whiskey

Did an Anti-Trump Boycott Help Shutter This D.C. Sandwich Chain?

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Eats His Spaghetti Topped With Ketchup

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Chicago Restaurant Critic Calls Trump an ‘Unrepentant Racist and Admitted Sex Offender’

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New Documentary Revisits Epic Battle Between Trump and Chicago Brewery 5 Rabbit

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Somerville Mayor Vows to Never Drink Sam Adams Following Founder’s Trump Praise

A Brief History of Conservatives Owning the Libs With Food

Comedians Create Fake Trump Winery Billboard in Charlottesville, Virginia

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Wants to Hire Foreign Workers as Servers and Cooks

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Teacher Tells Scott Pruitt to Resign During Latest Trump Aide Dining Confrontation

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Trump Tower Chicago’s New Lower-Priced Restaurant Opens Today

Restaurants in Trump Properties Can’t Dodge the Name

What happens when the President is your landlord

Bernie Sanders Thinks Trump Officials Deserve to Eat Their Restaurant Meals in Peace

Protester Flings Chicken Poop at the Red Hen

The Red Hen Didn’t Break the Law When It Kicked Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Trump Officials Don’t Deserve Hospitality

Restaurants have no obligation to serve agents of mass human suffering

Right-Wing Witch Hunt Erupts After Restaurant Ejects Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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D.C.’s Red Hen Gets Caught in Trump Aides’ Dining Drama

Trump Tweets Bad Review of Restaurant That Kicked Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Protesters Jeer Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen During Dinner at MXDC

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Wine Critic Turned White House Adviser Is Checking Employee Loyalty for Trump

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Big Boys Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Ate Ice Cream During Their Working Lunch

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Bad: Covent Garden Diner Launches Trump-Inspired ‘MAGA Burger’

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