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2024 Is the Year of the Dinner Party

Welcome to Eater’s ultimate guide to entertaining like a pro

Dinner Party

Dinner Party

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The Ultimate Fondue Dinner Party

From cheese and chocolate fondue recipes to the best fondue pots, everything you need to melt the night away.

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Which Lasagna Recipe Is Worth the Work?

A Ribollita Recipe That Will Warm Your Body and Soul

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The Best Dip Recipes, According to Eater Staff

Whether you’re planning to watch the Super Bowl or don’t feel like making an elaborate dinner, a big dip with crusty bread or crackers is magic

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The Fondues and Don’ts

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A Mandu Hot Pot Recipe That’s a Spicy Take on Dipping Your Dinner

Which Roast Chicken Recipe Rules Them All?

We tested three popular roast chicken recipes to find the best one

Yes, It’s Okay to Serve Food You Didn’t Cook at Your Dinner Party

What’s more, it just may lead to a better party

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The Best Chocolate Fondue Recipe Is a Little Spicy

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The Only Cheese Fondue Recipe You’ll Ever Need

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Yes, You Can Make Vegan Fondue at Home

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So What Do I Do With All This Extra Kirsch?

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The Best Lazy Fondue Is Queso

The Next Generation of Catering Is Coming for Your Dinner Party

If you want restaurant cooking in your own home, minus the Sternos and steam tables, you’re in luck

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Everything You Need to Throw the Ultimate Fondue Party

Behold, the Perfect Folding Chair

Time Traveling Through History’s Weirdest Entertaining Advice

Go Magnum or Go Home

Raclette Parties Are a Surprisingly Chill Way to Host

A Halo-Halo Bar Is the Ultimate Party Dessert

A Sweet-Salty Party Mix Recipe That Will Be the Hit of Any Gathering

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A Chicken Karahi Recipe That Will Feed a Crowd

The Dinner Party Is Now Very Online

Where Martha Stewart and Ina Garten might have instructed previous generations of hosts, TikTok influencers and services offering downloadable guides and tablescape rentals are here to help today’s party hosts