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2024 Is the Year of the Dinner Party

Welcome to Eater’s ultimate guide to entertaining like a pro

We’re calling it: 2024 is the year of the dinner party.

Everyone, everywhere, it seems, is planning to throw or attend some kind of epic, food-focused soiree. Whether a full-on multi-course feast, a casual tinned-fish-and-snack get together, a roll-your-own pasta affair, or even a pancake breakfast (the spirit of the dinner party cannot be bound by literal mealtimes), our at-home gatherings are more elaborate, ambitious, and fun than ever before. To help guide us through these 12 months of revelry, we present the Eater Dinner Party, a one-stop destination for all things not just cooking or eating, but entertaining.

Here, we’ll explore all the ins and outs, tips and tricks, recipes and inspiration for feasting well, together. We’ll highlight the restaurant trends that translate best to home cooking, reveal the must-have tabletop and kitchen items to make your meal look and taste like a pro made it, and share expert tips on how to be the consummate host (and guest). Plus, each season we’ll bring you one comprehensive guide to throwing a specific type of party — say, a cozy fondue night or a rowdy crab boil — complete with recipes. Because let’s be real: There’s a little bit of anxiety that comes with cooking for the people you care about. Eater’s Dinner Party is here to relieve that, and ensure your invite is one that guests will clamor for, time after time.

Here are some stories to get you started:

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