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The Legacy of Mimi Sheraton, the Pioneering Critic Who Died at 97

Mimi Sheraton, the New York Times’ First Female Food Critic, Dies

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Resy Is My Best Frenemy (and It Could Be Yours, Too)

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Lyndsay Green Is the First Black Restaurant Critic at the Detroit Free Press — And She Feels Invisible

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New York Restaurants Through the Eyes of Gael Greene

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Storied Restaurant Critic Gael Greene Has Died

She was 88

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NYT Critic: Martha Stewart’s Restaurant Doesn’t Live Up to Martha Stewart’s Standards

A Restaurant Critic’s Take on ‘Ratatouille’: The Restaurant Critic Was the Real Hero

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We’re Getting Rid of Starred Restaurant Reviews at Eater

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Dear Expensive Restaurants: Stop Posting Online Menus Without Prices

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The Best of 2018’s Bad Restaurant Reviews

The worst meals make for the most fascinating reads

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Soleil Ho Is the New SF Chron Restaurant Critic

NYC Critics Are Not Feeling the Four Seasons Reboot

Critics Agree: Momofuku Is Good Again

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NYT Critic Pete Wells Gives Friendly Advice and Two Stars to Teen Chef Flynn McGarry

What the Critics Are Saying About Majordomo, David Chang’s West Coast Debut 

What the Critics Are Saying About Frenchette 

The Very Best of Jonathan Gold

A tribute to the late legendary critic by those his work inspired

Jonathan Gold on the Art of Food Criticism

What the Critics Are Saying About Una Pizza Napoletana

What the Critics Are Saying About Noma 2.0

What Critics and Diners Are Saying About Drake’s Toronto Restaurant

The New York Times Declares Momofuku Seiobo Better Than Ever

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Millennials Are Killing Dining Critics

NYT Critic Pete Wells Gives Beijing Import DaDong Zero Stars

Jonathan Gold Weighs In on New Noma

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Jonathan Gold Reviews Dominque Ansel’s Los Angeles Restaurant

NYT Critic Pete Wells Gives Two Stars to Team Alinea’s NYC Debut

What the Critics Are Saying About Salt Bae’s NYC Restaurant

Mimi Sheraton on Restaurant Critics and Why They Should Remain Anonymous

What the Critics Are Saying About Ayesha Curry’s International Smoke

Why Did This Magazine Take Down a Negative Restaurant Review?