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Suburban School Worker Accused of Stealing $1.5 Million in Chicken Wings

The Criminal Antics in ‘Bad Vegan’ Almost Feel Too Tame for TV

Rampant Heater Theft Is the Latest Blow to Outdoor Dining

The rush to purchase heat lamps for outside seating has led to a lucrative secondary market — and a surge in stealing

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In a Pinch, Boston Man Crashes Stolen Lobster Truck Into Another Lobster Truck

Eataly Finally Cuts Ties With Mario Batali

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Canada Has a Real-Life Hamburglar and They’re Hacking the McDonald’s App

Owner of America’s Last Howard Johnson’s Charged With Sexually Abusing Employees

South Carolina Restaurant Manager Charged With Enslaving Disabled Employee

Wine Ponzi Scheme Fraudster Gets Six and a Half Years in Prison

Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorist Fires Gun Inside D.C. Restaurant

Crime Ring Bust Uncovers an Entire Truckload of Stolen Nutella

Stealing Three Fries Off a Cop’s Plate Can Get You Arrested, FYI

How Do Criminals Launder Money Through a Restaurant?

Florida Man Gets Himself Banned From Ordering Pizza Delivery

Owner of Bankrupt Premier Cru Wine Shop Faces 20 Years in Prison

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Glaze Mistaken for Meth in Florida

Thieves Abscond with $200,000 Worth of Wine in Italy

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Tracking Food Fraud From the Market to the Plate

Latest Restaurant Data Breach Hits Noodles & Company

Taco Bell Customer Shoots Up Drive-Thru After Being Shorted Sour Cream

Inside the World of Large-Scale Food Heists

Woman Dials 911 to Report Pizza's Suspicious Lack of Cheese

Wendy's Data Breach Is Worse Than Initially Thought

Couple Dines and Dashes, Accidentally Leaves Their Child Behind

Man Who Tossed Gator in Wendy's Drive-Thru Window Gets Off With Probation

Meth-Filled Burritos Confiscated by Authorities at Mexican Border

Chicken Wing Theft Triggers Police to Use Controversial Cell Phone Tracker

Drug Dealers Busted Selling Heroin in Burger King Play Area

Stealing Food Isn't a Crime if You're Going Hungry, Italian Court Rules

Waffle House Facing Lawsuit Over Fatal Shooting in Georgia

McDonald's Customer Charged With Felony After Filling Water Cup With Free Soda

Coffee Kiosk Used to Launder More Than $1 Million in Illegal Marijuana Ring