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How to Repurpose Leftover Sardine and Tuna Fish Oil

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A Creamy, Spicy Gochujang Pasta Recipe That’s Perfect for Weeknight Cooking

Caramelizing tomato paste and gochujang together makes the perfect base for a creamy pasta sauce

Don’t Fear the Broiler

Once you get the hang of broiling, it will quickly become a cooking method you return to over and over again

Love, Loneliness, and the Chicken in My Freezer

Start Your Day With a Slop Parfait

How Goal-Oriented Cooking Can Cure Your Kitchen Boredom

Resolutions fizzle and project cooking can be a drag — but there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned challenge to get you out of a kitchen rut

Why Caracas Arepa Bar’s House Salsa Is a Condiment All-Star

To Combat Cooking Burnout, Do It All at Once

Just Put Everything in a Tortilla

For a ‘Proper Proper Proper’ Baked Sweet Potato, Freeze It First

Let Me Convince You That a Frittata Is the Perfect Meal

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Light Your Desserts on Fire

Flambeéing desserts at home is easier than you think — and guaranteed to make you feel something

My Secret to Low-Effort Cooking: Always Keep Preserved Veggies On Hand

Pour This Recipeless Green Sauce Over Everything

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Doing a Store-Bought Thanksgiving This Year? Sohla El-Waylly Has Tips to Make It Special.

The Binging With Babish chef walks us through the best way to make instant mashed potatoes, powdered gravy, and canned cranberry compote feel a little more gourmet

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Seriously, Though, How Do You Scale Down a Recipe?

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