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Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘An Invitation to Indian Cooking’ Introduced Many Americans to a Complex Culinary Tradition

Scones in the Time of Agita

Claire Ptak’s "Love Is a Pink Cake" and "Mary Berry’s Baking Bible" provoke differing views of the state of British baking — and Britain itself

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Remembering Raghavan Iyer, Whose Final Cookbook Traces the Continent-Traversing History of Curry

These Recipes Are History

Clementine Paddleford’s ‘How America Eats’ Chronicled the Tastes of a Nation

A Tortellini Salad With Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe That Captures the Excitement of Spring

Can Cookbooks Teach Us to Waste Less Food?

As two new titles demonstrate, it’s less about learning specific recipes than how to shift your lifestyle

A Recipe for a Bright, Crunchy Butter Lettuce Salad With Grapes, Fennel, and Walnuts

Eater’s First Cookbook Is Now Available for Preorder

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World Central Kitchen and José Andrés Are Publishing a Cookbook

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The 12 Best Cookbooks of Spring 2023

New titles from Hetty Lui McKinnon, Nigel Slater, Andrea Nguyen, and more capture the excitement and promise of the season

With 800 Recipes, ‘The Book of Jewish Food’ Defined the Cuisine of a Diaspora

A Rich, Buttery, Fruit-Filled Recipe for Filipino Polvoron

‘Table for Two’ Embraces the Romance of Everyday Cooking

‘The I Hate to Cook Book’ Fought Domestic Despair With Laughter

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Aaron Franklin’s New Book Answers All Your Questions About Grilling and Smoking

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11 Brand-New Canadian Cookbooks to Dig Into Over the Holidays

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11 Brand-New Canadian Cookbooks to Dig Into Now

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Five Cookbooks That Philly Home Cooks Will Love

Claire Saffitz Put Fun (and Banoffee Pudding) on the Menu of Her New Cookbook

The baking icon wanted every page of "What’s for Dessert" to feel like a little celebration

‘The Silver Palate Cookbook’ Changed Home Cooking (and Pesto Consumption) As We Know It

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The Trouble With Trek Food

The best cookbooks help us learn and think about their subjects. The new Star Trek cookbook, sadly, only reaches for the food coloring.

An Utterly Perfect Insalata Verde Recipe From Via Carota’s New Cookbook

Andrea Nguyen’s Genius Soy-Seared Tofu Recipe Offers Big Flavor for Little Effort

Edd Kimber’s Recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Is a Perfect Snack for One

I’m Obsessed With This 1986 Country Music Cookbook 

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Ghetto Gastro, in Its Own Words

With its upcoming cookbook, "Black Power Kitchen," the Bronx-based collective is bringing itself out of the abstract

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Ruby Tandoh, as She Is

With her new book, "Cook as You Are," the "Great British Bake Off" alum is taking up space, on her own terms

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The 10 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2022

New books by Deb Perelman, Molly Yeh, and Illyanna Maisonet provide kitchen inspiration this fall

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Tanya Holland Aims for Impact

The Oakland chef has achieved her life goal of building community — through her storied (but now-closed) restaurant, her media work, and her newest book, "California Soul." But she’s just getting started.

The Unlimited Potential of Meat-Free Asian Cookbooks

Releases like Hetty McKinnon’s To Asia, With Love and Hannah Che’s The Vegan Chinese Kitchen give cooks a chance to tell specific stories

Vishwesh Bhatt’s Eggplant and Okra Caponata Recipe Is Summer Personified

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