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Climate Change

Will Climate Change Help Hybrid Grapes Take Root?

Could Climate Change Make Food Less Nutritious?

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Montreal to Outlaw Single-Use Plastics by 2023 — Here’s What That Means for Restaurants

‘It’s Not Just Sustenance. Salmon Equals Life.’

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Rising Temperatures Are Putting Portland’s Food Cart Scene in Danger

In the midst of yet another heat wave, food cart owners are shutting down their carts to protect their employees. But the combination of COVID-19 stress, product shortages, and weather-related closures are putting them in an increasingly perilous position.

Climate Disaster Looks Like Thousands of Boiled-Alive Mussels on a Beach in Vancouver

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Rise in Shellfish-Related Food Poisoning Is Likely Linked to Extreme Heat in the Pacific Northwest

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California’s Extreme Heat Could Push Chinook Salmon Closer to the Brink of Extinction

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As Refrigerators Break and Air Conditioners Falter, Portland Restaurants Fight Rising Temperatures to Stay Open

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Ahead of the Heat Wave, Portland Food Carts Are Forced to Get Creative

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Extreme Weather Is Wreaking Havoc on Olive Oil Production

From freezing temperatures to fruit-fly infestations, farmers and producers are dealing with regular interruptions to the "delicate dance" of producing olive oil

Taking the Temperature: How Climate Change Is Reshaping the Way We Eat

Six stories about how the food we eat will be grown, raised, caught, and produced when warmer temperatures and extreme weather upend everything from truffles to wine country

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The Link Between Deadly Lettuce Outbreaks and a Warming Planet

America’s food chain is largely safe. But when it comes to everyday ingredients like lettuce, climate change has the potential to amplify the risk of foodborne illnesses like E. coli and listeria.

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Warmer Temperatures Could Mean More Grapes for Midwest Winemakers — but Also More Bad Weather

Higher temperatures mean Michigan grape growers could add petit verdot and tempranillo grapes to their vineyards. But along with them comes even more volatile weather.

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Dying Planet or Not, Americans Won’t Stop Eating Beef 

Despite the well-documented environmental impacts of the meat industry and the explosion of the market for plant-based alternatives, American meat consumption remains high

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We’re All Learning to Love Jellyfish Now, Thanks to Climate Change

It’s hard to predict climate’s effects on ocean species, but one thing’s for sure: Change is coming to what you eat

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Will Climate Change Lead to More Black Truffles? It’s Complicated.

Expanded growing zones for the elusive prized fungus sounds exciting — the cause of the expansion, not so much

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Winter Weather Crisis Is Also a Food Crisis

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The Tasting Menu at the End of the World

SingleThread has been hailed as the pinnacle of farm-to-table dining. But what happens when the farm is under assault by climate change?

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A Simple Fix for Restaurants and Diners to Help Curb Climate Change

The co-founder of Zero Foodprint on how just a one percent fee added to every restaurant bill can fund carbon farming projects worldwide

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‘This Land Is Meant Only for Saffron. Without It, It Means Nothing.’

Saffron fueled Kashmir’s local economy and culture for centuries, but its days might be numbered

What Climate Change Could Mean for the Dairy Industry

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When There Are No More Fish

Climate change, drought, and development have devastated Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake, which feeds millions across Southeast Asia

The Future of Tea Looks Bleak, Thanks to Climate Change

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