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Can I Eat It? And Other Questions We Have About Food in the Metaverse

Michigan Chipotle Location Becomes the Chain’s First to Unionize

It’s a Springtime Quesadilla Throwdown Between Chipotle and Taco Bell

E.L.F. Cosmetics’ Chipotle Collection Gives New Meaning to ‘Guac Is Extra’

Cauliflower Rice Is Chipotle’s First Menu Addition of 2021

Chipotle Is Test-Driving a Delivery-Only Restaurant

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Why Do Fast-Casual Restaurants Get a Pass on Appropriation?

White-centered food narratives appear most often at major chains. It’s time to hold them accountable.

In Trying Times, Americans Look to Our True Leaders — Chain Restaurants — for Guidance

Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Chipotle all have in-store mask policies and guidance, which is more than the federal government can say

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It’s Panda Express vs. Panera Bread in Round 2 of the Eater Bowl Bowl

Chopt and Taco Bell are out, Chipotle and Sweetgreen remain in. What bowls will make it to the Final Four of the Eater Bowl Bowl?

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Chipotle Checks If Employees Who Call in Sick Aren’t Just Hungover, Says CEO

Chipotle Stock Hits New All-Time High Since Its Pre-E. Coli Scandal Days

How Restaurants Respond When an Employee’s Bad Behavior Goes Viral

In an era when every diner has a video camera in their pocket, a brand’s reputation can be irreparably damaged in one tweet

Chipotle’s New Rewards Program Is Only for Diehard Burrito Bowl Devotees

Chipotle Thinks It Can Stop Making People Sick With More Training

Chipotle Slapped With Lawsuits Following Ohio Foodborne Illness Outbreak

Chipotle Likely Responsible for Ohio Foodborne Illness Outbreak

Chipotle Wants to Become a ‘Lifestyle Brand’

Chipotle Keeps Stealing From Taco Bell’s Playbook

Chipotle’s New Drive-Thru Is for Preorders Only

Marc Jacobs Got Engaged at Chipotle

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Chipotle Backs Out Of Plans For Magazine Street Location

After 500 Days of Chipotle, Burrito Hero Calls It Quits 

Chipotle Abandons Its Burger Concept, Tasty Made

Chipotle’s New CEO Hails From Taco Bell

What People Really Think of Chipotle’s Burger Spinoff, Tasty Made

4 Reasons Why Chipotle’s Comeback Failed

Chipotle Says Its Queso Is Edible Now, Plans to Use it for Nachos

Chipotle Founder Steve Ells Steps Down as CEO

Chipotle Hires Richard Blais to Spiff Up Its Burger Concept 

Chipotle’s Latest Menu Change: Goodbye, Chorizo

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What People Really Think About Chipotle’s Queso

Reviews for the burrito chain’s cheese dip are mixed

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Tom Sietsema Decides Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. Is Worth the Extra Calories