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Fortune Cookies Come With Almost Every Chinese Delivery Order in America. Here’s Why.

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American Pie

How sharing a Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut became a Beijing family tradition

Guangzhou’s First-Ever Michelin Guide Is Here

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The 16 Hottest New Restaurants in Shanghai

The World's Biggest Starbucks Lands in Shanghai With Augmented Reality

McDonald’s Officially Changes Its Name to ‘Golden Arches’ in China

Salmon-Loving Walmart Shoppers May Be Funding North Korean Nukes

How China’s Private Chateau Cuisine Landed on the Hottest Table in San Francisco

Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for Shanghai

Shake Shack Will Hit Shanghai in 2019

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The 15 Hottest New Restaurants in Hong Kong

There Are No Buckets of Chicken at KFC’s Newest Restaurant

Graham Elliot Will Have a Restaurant Again — In Macau

KFC's New Facial Recognition Software Proves Human Workers Are Better

Taco Bell Returns to China After a Decade-Long Absence

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The 13 Hottest New Restaurants in Shanghai, China