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‘We Need to Feed People — Thousands of People’

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Tim Love’s Summer of Cooking for the Biggest Names in Music

The Story Behind the José Andrés Nonprofit

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Employees Allege Rampant Workplace Harassment From Boston Restaurant Icon Barbara Lynch

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Chef José Andrés Is Heading to SXSW to Talk About World Central Kitchen

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‘The Only Reason I’m a Chef Today Is Because of DACA’

Chef and former ‘Top Chef’ contestant Byron Gomez on how the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program paved the way for his career

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Ukraine’s Chefs Are Determined to Fight

Before the war started, Ukraine’s fine dining scene was on an upswing. Now, its chefs are mobilizing to react to their present-day reality: keeping Kyiv’s citizens and soldiers fed.

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Native Chef Pyet DeSpain Wants to Take Indigenous Cooking to the Next Level

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How the Pandemic Knocked Chefs Off Their Pedestal 

In an excerpt from his book "The Next Supper," Corey Mintz calls for a future in which workers are celebrated above chefs

Rocco DiSpirito Recipe NFT to Be Unveiled by NFT Curation Company, If Any of That Makes Sense to You

Pierre Troisgros Dies at 92

The Chefs I Used to Admire Aren’t the Leaders We Need Right Now

Big-name chefs need to do more for the employees they laid off

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Comments About Hitting Employee Reignite Conversations About Kitchen Abuse

How I Got My Job: Running One of Detroit’s Most Influential Noodle Bars

Dan Barber Wants to Bring Better Vegetables to the Masses. He’s Starting with Wegmans.

Dominique Crenn Proves Fine Dining Does Not Have to Be a Meaty Domain

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Does Staging Even Matter Anymore?

For generations, the unpaid kitchen internship was a prerequisite for fine dining success. Then came a backlash to the practice of working for free. Where does the stage stand now?

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Chef Serigne Mbaye Thinks There’s a Lot More to Learn About Senegalese Cuisine

For this young Senegalese-American chef, shaping his culinary voice means going home

Barbecue Star Adam Perry Lang Confirms That He Once Worked for Jeffrey Epstein

Before recently unsealed depositions claimed Lang had flown on the disgraced financier’s private jet, the chef had never confirmed his connection to Epstein

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Why Young Black Chefs Need Black Mentors

For black chefs, representation can be powerful; when it comes to their mentors, it’s vital

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The Most Anticipated Restaurants for Fall 2019

Everywhere you’ll want to eat for the rest of the year

Nyesha Arrington Is Still Finding Her Way After ‘Top Chef’

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The Split Between Eleven Madison Park’s Will Guidara and Daniel Humm Marks the End of an Era They Epitomized

The duo created a new fine dining playbook together

Here’s the Email Daniel Humm and Will Guidara Sent Staff About Their Split

The Restaurant World’s Greatest Bromance in 17 Pictures: EMP’s Daniel Humm and Will Guidara

Eleven Madison Park’s Will Guidara and Daniel Humm Are Splitting Up

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The Past as Possibility in the Appalachian South

How chef and Eater Young Gun Ashleigh Shanti centers African-American voices through her cooking

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The Food World Mourns Death of New Orleans Icon Leah Chase

The queen of Creole cooking died at the age of 96

Joe Beef Restaurateurs Say They’ve Changed, but Bigger Strides Are Needed

You Can Take the Bagel Out of New York, But You Can’t Take the New York Out of the Bagel

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‘The Kitchen at Per Se Was a Clean Place but Hard and Heartless Too’

Kwame Onwuachi’s memoir, "Notes From a Young Black Chef," reveals kitchen abuse at Thomas Keller’s NYC restaurant

Why Close a World-Famous Restaurant?

Getting Michelin stars is a goal for many chefs, but for some, it’s also a sign it’s time to move on