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The 28 Essential Quebec City Restaurants

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A Steakhouse Divided

Hy’s Steakhouse was synonymous with Calgary dining in the 1950s, but as Canadian tastes have changed over the decades, a Waikīkī offshoot has become a time capsule of the iconic original

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The 38 Essential Toronto Restaurants

With Kelp, a First Nations Fisher Builds Community on the Clayoquot Sound

Restaurant Manager in Canada Fired for Refusing to Serve Man in Trump MAGA Hat

Momofuku’s New Toronto Restaurant Pays Respect to Ontario’s Farmers

The Best Moments From Anthony Bourdain’s Visit to Newfoundland on ‘Parts Unknown’

Hotel Forgives Man for Summoning Seagulls With Suitcase Full of Pepperoni 

Everything You Should Know About Drake’s New Toronto Restaurant Pick 6ix

Why Did This Magazine Take Down a Negative Restaurant Review?

Canada Bans Soylent for Not Being Real Food

Man Sues Airline for Serving Him Sparkling Wine Instead of Champagne

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Restaurateur Jen Agg Boycotts Canadian Energy Drink Over Sexual Assault Claims

Tim Hortons’ Franchisees Are Pissed at New Burger King Overlords

Why Root Beer and Burger Chain A&W Is Planning a Comeback

Nescafe Trolls Starbucks With Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Nobu Matsuhisa Plants His Japanese Fusion Flag in Toronto


This Beer Hall Can Help You Apply For Canadian Citizenship

This Stunning New Wine Bar Will Make You Wish You Lived in Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Wine

Bold Chef Challenges Critics to Do the Cooking for Once

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The 13 Hottest Restaurants in Toronto Right Now

Waiter Faces Jail Time for Ignoring Diner's Seafood Allergy

Compostable Coffee Pods Are Here to Save the Earth

Woman Dials 911 to Report Pizza's Suspicious Lack of Cheese

Canadian Axe-Throwing League Seeks License to Sell Booze

Couple Dines and Dashes, Accidentally Leaves Their Child Behind

Burger King Doesn’t Have Any Women on Its Board of Directors

Canada Approves Sale of Genetically Modified Salmon

Canadian Woman Drives Dog Sled Through Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

Doritos Roses Ensure Elegantly Bad Breath This Valentine's Day

France's Foie Gras Industry Faces Bird Flu, Pamela Anderson