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Buy This Thing

Buy This Thing

Welcome to Buy This Thing, a column dedicated to the kitchen products and home goods Eater writers and industry pros obsess over.

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Why Don’t You Have a Bread Box? 

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These Ikea Serving Trays Give My Pandemic Meals Some Much-Needed Variety

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I’m Baking the Hell Out of This Quarantine Thanks to ‘BraveTart’

This Salad Dressing Bowl Turned Me Into a Person Who Eats Salad Every Night

Bring Back the Celery Vase

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Kitchen Towels Are My New Savior, and Other Lies I Tell Myself

Pizza Wheels Are Inadequate — Use a Rocking Pizza Cutter Instead

A Butter Dish Is the Only Hyper-Specific Kitchen Item Worth Buying

Take It From Private Chefs: Buy a Foot Mat

This Zojirushi Rice Cooker Is an Utterly Perfect Machine

I Dedicate This Black Friday to the All-Clad Fry Pan

The Only Spatula Brand This Professional Baker Uses

These Beautiful Cups Are Only Upstaged by the Restaurant That Uses Them

This Gadget Takes Sushi to the Next Level

Montmorillonite Clay Is This Chef’s Holy Grail Self-Care Product

This Pastry Chef Relies on Rose-Scented Bath Salts to Survive the Week

This ‘Sick’ Japanese Can Opener Might Truly Be the Best

This ‘Sick’ Japanese Can Opener Might Truly Be the Best

The Spill-Proof Notebook Designed Specifically for Chefs

This Simple Silicone Mat Takes the Stress Out of Pie Baking

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The Thin, Bendy Mat That Will Replace Your Pizza Stone

This simple copper "grill mat" works high-heat, non-stick wonders

The Vietnamese Coffee Tool That Lets You Take a Breather

The $12 Essential That Gets a Chef Through a Long Day in the Kitchen

This Coffee Tool Is Like a Shower Head for Your Pour-Over

This $4 Tool Is a Stealth ‘Tomato Shark’

The Ideal Gift for the Knife Obsessive in Your Life

Treat Yourself to This Chic Li’l Paring Knife

The Grater for When a Food Processor Is Just Too Much of a Hassle

The Mandoline Slicer That’s Sharp, Easy to Use, and Pretty

The Most Comfortable Shoes, According to One Restaurant Professional

A Jar Opener That Will Make You Feel Like Less of a Weakling

Up Your Japanese Cooking Game With This Rolled Omelet Pan