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Buy This Thing

Buy This Thing

Welcome to Buy This Thing, a column dedicated to the kitchen products and home goods Eater writers and industry pros obsess over.

Make Lunchtime Field Trips a Thing With The Table

Anyone Who Cooks Tofu Should Invest in a Tofu Press

My Vegetable Scrubber Brings Me Peace of Mind 

A Bread Box Is Good, but a Bread Drawer Is Even Better

This Zojirushi Mug Makes My Winter Walks Tolerable

Don’t Open Your Older Bottles of Wine Without This Tool

You Don’t Actually Need a Stand Mixer 

Get a Breakfast Tray, Live That Bed Life

These Extremely British Prep Bowls Helped Me Stop Panic-Cooking

Forget Pizza Stones. For the Best Homemade Pizza, You’ll Need a Baking Steel.

I Hated Decorating Cookies — Until I Found These Cookie Stamps

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The Case for Instant Coffee

The Air Fryer That (Almost) Satisfies My Fried Chicken Cravings

The Air Fryer That (Almost) Satisfies My Fried Chicken Cravings

This Japanese Ceramic Pig Lets Me Have a Patio Cocktail in Peace 

Take Anything You Want on Your Next Road Trip With This Electric Cooler