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Oktoberfest’s Beer-Soaked History, Explained

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Do We Have to Subscribe to Restaurants, Too?

Why restaurants — and customers — are signing on for memberships and subscriptions

The National Restaurant Association, Explained

Sweetgreen’s IPO Proves, Once and for All, That It’s a Big Boy Tech Company

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These Restaurants Were Approved for Federal Aid. White Restaurateurs Just Hijacked It.

Over 2,900 businesses owned by women, people of color, and veterans haven’t gotten the sorely needed money the SBA promised them following lawsuits filed by MAGA-aligned groups on behalf of white restaurant owners

Alamo Drafthouse, Beloved Cinema Where You Can Eat While Watching a Movie, Files for Bankruptcy

Will Restaurants Survive Under Proposed Reopening Plans?

As some states plan to reopen economies, restaurant owners worry that opening at reduced capacity could ruin their already-limping businesses

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Ruth’s Chris Steak House Returns $20M Federal Loan in Response to Public Demand

The Smartest and Most Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets at CES 2020

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The Unreasonable Lengths Restaurant Workers Have to Go to Take Time Off

From working doubles in advance to finding their own replacements, here’s how unsalaried shift workers manage when it comes to vacation

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Square’s Fee Increase Isn’t Great News for Coffee Shops or Their Customers

Whole Foods, Whose Owner, Jeff Bezos, Is Worth $115 Billion, Is Cutting Health Care Coverage for Part-Time Workers

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Restaurant Owners Should Embrace — and Pay Above — the $15 Minimum Wage

Dirt Candy chef-owner Amanda Cohen on the necessary shift higher wages can bring

Looking for a Restaurant Investor? Take This Advice

Shake Shack Jumps Into Delivery Wars With Nationwide Grubhub Partnership

Now Dean & DeLuca Is Defaulting on Employee Salaries, Laid-Off Workers Say

Impossible Foods Nabs FDA Approval to Sell in Grocery Stores in September

Dean & DeLuca Sold America Luxury but Couldn’t Pay Its Own Bills

The fanciest food store in New York aspired to become an international empire — and then things started to fall apart

Uncomfortably Aggressive Canned Water Startup Liquid Death Reportedly in Talks to Raise $10 Million More in Funding

Chipotle Stock Hits New All-Time High Since Its Pre-E. Coli Scandal Days

New York City Council Member Takes Aim at Grubhub’s Iron Grip on Food Delivery

New Owners of Hooters Plan to Expand Less Offensive Spinoff, Hoots

Sir, This Is a Turkey

Some of America’s Top Chicken Purveyors Are Under Investigation for Price Fixing 

Achieving the Impossible

How David Chang, Michael Symon, and Chris Cosentino helped sell foodie types on the Impossible Burger

Why One of America’s Best Chocolate Makers Is Giving It All Away

White Castle and Red Robin Reportedly Running Low on Impossible Burgers

Beyond Meat’s New Patty Is Even Faux-Beefier Than the One Before 

Thinking About Starting a Food-Related Business? Take This Advice

Why Fury Toward McDonald’s Is at an All-Time High

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Uber Eats Is Facing an Uber Problem — and a Price War

American Express Buys Resy to Reclaim Its Place in the Hearts of Power Diners