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The Best New Chicago Cookbooks of 2023

Who Gets to Eat Well After the Climate Crisis?

The Best Food Books to Read This Fall

With these 11 works of food-focused fiction and nonfiction you won’t mind being cooped up inside as the temperatures drop

‘No Meat Required’ Finds Optimism and Abundance in Meat-Free Cooking

In ‘Small Fires,’ Rebecca May Johnson Rethinks the Boundaries of a Recipe

The Eerie Familiarity of a Sci-Fi Hunger Cult

Chana Porter’s "The Thick and the Lean" tackles cults, diet culture, and colonization through fiction

Nora Ephron’s ‘Heartburn,’ 40 Years In

Along with an infamous salad dressing recipe, Ephron’s thinly veiled novel gave us the blueprint for the modern food memoir

Rick Steves Is Travel’s True Everyman

Jelly Is Ready for Its Redemption Arc

Charmaine Wilkerson’s ‘Black Cake’ Uses a Beloved Christmas Food to Reveal Untold Family Stories

In ‘Fatty Fatty Boom Boom,’ Rabia Chaudry Reflects on Her Loaded Love of Food

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Fall’s 10 Essential Food Reads

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Keith Corbin Talks Prison and Purpose in New Chef Memoir

How I Got My Job: Writing Children’s Books About Food

Romance Novels Are Increasingly Getting Hot and Heavy in the Kitchen

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Why Doesn’t Chicago Have More Wine Bars in Bookstores?

Few things go together better than a book and a bottle of wine, but Chicagoans are still learning

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The Lost Soybeans of Okinawa

In an excerpt from "Eating to Extinction," author Dan Saladino visits Okinawa where one farmer is hoping to bring back one of the world’s rarest soybeans

When You Can’t Get Lost in Seoul Nightlife, ‘Love in the Big City’ Is the Next Best Thing

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For Some Food Bloggers, Digital Cookbooks Are Better Than Print

Given the costs of creating a print version, going directly online can have higher dividends

The Women Who Shaped America’s Palate

Author Mayukh Sen talks about the women who revolutionized America’s foodways, and why the hurdles they faced still exist

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Who Knows Anthony Bourdain?

To remember somebody well isn’t necessarily to know them, as Laurie Woolever’s "Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography" reveals — one conversation at a time

Dinner’s in the Cards

I used "Divine Your Dinner" to cook a meal using tarot cards and all I got was this lousy insight

How Ice Cream Became the Ultimate American Comfort Food

From Prohibition comfort to wartime morale booster, ice cream has played a surprisingly significant role in the country’s history

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Austin Taco Expert Publishes Spanglish Taco Book for Kids

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In ‘Crying in H Mart,’ Michelle Zauner Cooks Through Grief

In the new memoir from the musician behind Japanese Breakfast, Korean food provides a link to family and identity following her mother’s death

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How Anthony Bourdain’s Longtime Assistant Made His New Book a Reality

With "World Travel," Laurie Woolever makes it possible for fans to travel with Anthony Bourdain once again

Fruit Wasn’t Meant to Be Easy

From poisonous plum pits to pungent durian, Kate Lebo explores the complex beauty of fruit in ‘The Book of Difficult Fruit’

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A Year of Food in Fiction

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David Chang’s Memoir Fails to Account for the Trauma He Caused Me

Chang’s memoir "Eat a Peach" grapples with the white-hot fury that defined most of his career at Momofuku. But for an employee on the receiving end of that rage, the book fails to truly reckon with the pain he left behind.

From the Strategist: The Best 2020 Cookbooks to Give, Recommended by Cookbook Authors

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In ‘Memorial,’ Houston Author Bryan Washington Uses Food to Connect Queer Love, Culture, and Place

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The Joy of Cooking Other People’s ‘Secret Family Recipes’