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2020 Eater Bowl Bowl

It’s Decided: Mediterranean Fast-Casual Restaurant Cava Makes the Best Bowls

It’s the end of the Eater Bowl Bowl (and Panda Express’s surprising, yet delightful winning streak) and we feel fine

Yeah, Smoothie Bowls Are Pretty — Pretty Stupid

Is There a World Where Panda Express Beats Chipotle in the First-Ever Eater Bowl Bowl?

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It’s Panda Express vs. Panera Bread in Round 2 of the Eater Bowl Bowl

Chopt and Taco Bell are out, Chipotle and Sweetgreen remain in. What bowls will make it to the Final Four of the Eater Bowl Bowl?

Patton Oswalt May Have Won the KFC Bowl Battle, but He Didn’t Win the War

Let’s Get Ready to RumBOWL!