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Beer Nerds Create Drinkable Tribute to Neil deGrasse Tyson

This beer is tailor-made to suit his tastes

Neil photo via Getty/Rick Kern; beer photo via Getty/Tom Kelley

When he’s not busy getting kids (and adults) hooked on astronomy, national treasure Neil deGrasse Tyson enjoys a refreshing libation. “I’m a wine guy from way back, but for a while I was really into Weiss beer,“ the astrophysicist told National Geographic a few years ago. A trip to Belgium further shaped his beer-drinking habits. “If there’s a lineup, I’m choosing the Belgian beer unless I’m in some town that has local breweries and they didn’t have to move the beer far to get to the dispenser, [then] I’m having a local beer,” Tyson explained.

After learning about his beer preferences, the people behind Asheville Brewing Company in North Carolina decided to make a special tribute ale that combines everything Neil likes in one bottle. Grub Street notes that the Bier LemonGrass Tyson is an American-style Belgian ale made with German wheat, Galaxy hops, lemongrass, and coriander.

This brew will be available in bottles and on tap starting tomorrow for a limited time only, and the brewery will donate dollar from every pint to the Asheville Museum of Science. Neil deGrasse Tyson is slated to attend an event in Asheville this week, so maybe he’ll stop by to taste this special tribute ale.

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