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This Hotel Wants to Be a Disneyland For Beer Lovers

BrewDog is building an outlandish new resort

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Like Icarus with malted-hop wings, the owners of BrewDog are ascending to the heavens of beer geekdom — but are they in fact soaring too close to the barley-colored sun? The Scottish beer maker just unfurled an ambitious plan for a combination hotel/restaurant/brewery in Columbus, Ohio, where the beer will flow freely from almost every corner of the space, and many of the objects inside the rooms will also be made of beer. Here are some of the DogHouse’s proposed amenities:

• Craft beer mini-bars in each room, plus taps pouring Punk IPA

• Sour beer fridges in the bathrooms (for maximum shower beer optimization)

• Toiletries made of beer

• Hot tubs fashioned out of old beer barrels that can be filled with beer once again

• A spa with beer-themed treatments, like hop-oil pedicures, hop-infused face masks, and malted barley massages

• A restaurant serving food with beer pairings (including breakfast)

• Views of the sour beer foeders from each room

Some of these special features — like the beer hot tubs — sound impossible to execute. And even if the BrewDog people figure out how to build a functioning beer hot tub that won’t poison guests with hot alcohol fumes, will enough brew fans actually plunk down cold hard cash to sit in that vat of dank suds? If the Indiegogo campaign is any indication, the answer is: yeah dawg.

In the first three days of fundraising, BrewDog already blasted past its goal of $75,000. So far, fans have already promised to donate more than $133,000 to this project, in exchange for perks like free nights at the hotel and name inscriptions on beer casks. The entire endeavor will cost around $6 million to complete, but the campaign notes: “Provided we hit at least our minimum raise on Indiegogo, we have the balance of funds required in the profitability of the business to launch as per our timeline.” The crew already hit that minimum balance, so now any extra funds will just help expedite the build-out of the hotel and the sour beer foeders.


The brewery itself is already built and operational, and the company owns the site of the proposed DogHouse. So if everything goes according to plan, the beer resort could open up to the public at some point next year.

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