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The 38 Essential Barcelona Restaurants

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A Day in the Life of One of Barcelona’s Secret Samosa Sellers

Meet one Pakistani samosa vendor working to feed the city’s snack-hungry skate kids and beachgoers

Paella’s Great, But Fideuà Is Better

Here Are Barcelona’s Best Markets and Everything to Eat in Them

A Highly Specific Guide to Barcelona’s Best Tasting Menus

Barcelona’s Ritual of Vermouth Is Day-Drinking Perfected

16 Catalan Dishes to Try in Barcelona

A Visual Guide to the Bakery Shelves of Barcelona

The Fussy Tourist’s Guide to Fancy Ham in Barcelona

A Barcelona Day Trip Manual for Eating Well and Escaping the Crowds

Skip the Restaurant at Least Once in Barcelona and Order Delivery Instead

Plan Your Day Around These Seven Mealtimes in Barcelona

How 18 Months Without Tourists Might Have Saved Barcelona’s Dining Scene in the Long Run

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Where to Eat in Barcelona’s Tourist-Heavy Old City

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The 13 Hottest New Restaurants in Barcelona

Where to find loaded Spanish rice, Peruvian ceviche, and all the jamón Ibérico