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Rebecca Flint Marx is the editor of Eater at Home. Her areas of expertise include home cooking and popular culture. She has edited articles on a variety of topics, including the so-called global pantry, egg yolk fetishization, and the underground WhatsApp trade in Pakistani mangoes. She was previously the editor of the food section at San Francisco magazine. Her work has appeared in publications including the New Yorker, the New York Times, and WIRED. She is the winner of a James Beard Foundation Award for feature reporting.

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Store-Bought Overnight Oats Exist. But... Why?

Just Opt Out of Thanksgiving

It’s okay to skip the holiday this year. In fact, I’m treasuring the thought of it.

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What Is a Snack, Really?

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Fake Meat Alone Won’t Save the World

Not as long as factory farming is still a part of the food supply chain, anyway

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13 Restaurant Cookbooks With Dishes You Can Actually Make at Home

Restaurant cookbooks are usually not for the "average" home cook, but these books offer recipes that are actually, totally doable

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El Milagro Closes Its Tortilla Factory Temporarily After Worker Dies from COVID-19