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In Defense of Vegenaise

Julie Sahni’s Matar Paneer Recipe Is an Enduring Classic

How to Pack Your Kitchen and Pantry for a Move

An Incredibly Obvious at-Home Pizza Hack

How to Repurpose Leftover Sardine and Tuna Fish Oil

Store-Bought Overnight Oats Exist. But... Why?

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Just Opt Out of Thanksgiving

It’s okay to skip the holiday this year. In fact, I’m treasuring the thought of it.

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What Is a Snack, Really?

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Fake Meat Alone Won’t Save the World

Not as long as factory farming is still a part of the food supply chain, anyway

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13 Restaurant Cookbooks With Dishes You Can Actually Make at Home

Restaurant cookbooks are usually not for the "average" home cook, but these books offer recipes that are actually, totally doable