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Nick Mancall-Bitel is an editor at Eater primarily covering travel and global cuisines. He oversees Eater's international maps program and several annual travel packages. He previously covered cocktail and bar culture at Thrillist for two years, and his freelance writing on food, drink, and culture has been featured in the LA Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, the BBC, and others. He has also appeared on programs for WNYC and iHeartRadio.

Before No-Recipe Cooking, There Was Mrs. Levy

Look past the giblet pudding and cholera cures, and you’ll find a 19th-century cookbook that anticipates a 21st-century cooking trend

Enjoy Breakfast by Candlelight

Someone Please Buy Me This Gorgeous Cocktail Set

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Raid Your Bar for Cooking Inspiration

With High-Stakes Election Imminent, Some Restaurants Are Giving Time Off for Voting

It’s a long overdue move, but companies like &pizza and Sweetgreen are leading the way in helping workers get to the polls

Take Anything You Want on Your Next Road Trip With This Electric Cooler

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A Simple Fix for Restaurants and Diners to Help Curb Climate Change

The co-founder of Zero Foodprint on how just a one percent fee added to every restaurant bill can fund carbon farming projects worldwide

Pick Your Poison

Fall activities like apple picking and leaf peeping are generally considered safe, but with record crowds and a COVID surge expected to collide this fall, locals are worried

Brooklyn Restaurant Owner Francesca Chaney on Who Gets to Be ‘Well’

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Shoppers Miss Grocery Store Samples. Brands Miss Them More

With sample stands canceled due to COVID-19, emerging food brands have few options to reach shoppers