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Nick Mancall-Bitel is an editor at Eater overseeing travel coverage. He manages Eater's international maps program, travel packages (including the annual Where to Eat guide), and columns and reports on global cuisines. He previously covered cocktail and bar culture at Thrillist, and his freelance writing on food, drink, and culture has been featured in the LA Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, the BBC, and others. He has also appeared on programs for WNYC and iHeartRadio.

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The Garnish Should Never Be Optional

How Restaurant Dessert Menus Shaped Our Sweet Tooth

A brief timeline of restaurant dessert trends

Skip the Brunch, Have the After-Party

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Michael Twitty Goes Deep Into the Black Jewish Kitchen

In his new book, "Koshersoul," the author of "The Cooking Gene" explores the intersections of African and Jewish diaspora cuisine and identity

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For Some Food Bloggers, Digital Cookbooks Are Better Than Print

Given the costs of creating a print version, going directly online can have higher dividends

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What We Miss When Vacation Rentals Become Contactless

Shared lodging like bed and breakfasts, boarding houses, and room rentals are falling out of favor, replaced by contactless, host-less vacation rentals. But at what cost?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buttermilk

For Kitchen Decor With a Lot of Personality, Head to Instagram

Now Is the Time to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable. Here’s How.

America’s Forgotten Filling Stations