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The Pastry Revolution Will Be Instagrammed

Instagram pop-up bakeries are a surprisingly exciting product of the pandemic. Nowhere are they more thrilling than in Los Angeles.

Netflix’s ‘Nadiya Bakes’ Is the Antidote We Need for Lockdown Sameness

Six Months of Soft Food Set Me Free

How I learned to stop worrying and love ice cream for dinner

The Soothing Bento YouTube Videos That Will Inspire You to Get Back in the Kitchen

Imamu Room’s weekly bento-making ritual is my new, calming source of inspiration

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20 Days of Turkey

Nothing seemed sadder than leftover Thanksgiving turkey languishing in the freezer, so I decided to eat turkey every single day until it ran out. It ended up being a three-week affair.

The Year Flour Was King

The initial quarantine of 2020 created a baking boom that shattered the flour supply chain, but King Arthur Flour came back from it even stronger

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The Best Holiday Cookie Recipes, According to Eater Editors

Baking for others is a delightful pursuit. These are the recipes Eater editors reach for when cookies are in the cards.

The Best Ways to Send Holiday Cookies in the Mail

Turns out mailing cookies to your coworkers (and friends!) is easier than you think

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Restaurants and the People Who Work in Them Need a Bailout. Let’s Finally Give Them One.

It’s absurd and infuriating that eight months into this pandemic, we’re still exactly where we started

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‘Our Version of Hospitality Can’t Exist Right Now’