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Jaya Saxena is a Correspondent at, writing about everything from labor to food culture to why American potato chips are so boring. Previously, she has written for publications like the New York Times, GQ, Elle, the Daily Dot, and more. Her work has been featured in the Best American Food Writing anthologies. She lives in Queens with her spouse and two ungrateful cats.

Honestly, I Love a Good Spork

Hacked to Bits

From secret menus to cost-saving app hacks, our desire to go beyond the menu is making restaurant workers’ lives hell

An Utterly Perfect Insalata Verde Recipe From Via Carota’s New Cookbook

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The Martini Glass Is ‘Pure Vibes’

Write Outside the Bun

How "Taco Bell Quarterly" uses the literary mag format to reclaim our obsessions about fast food

The Biggest Restaurant Makeover in New York City

How the owners behind HAGS turned a famous — and famously dark and cramped — Momofuku space into a colorful restaurant that’s decidedly queer

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A Manhattan, But Make It Mini

Can I Eat It? And Other Questions We Have About Food in the Metaverse

Become a Temporary Regular When You’re on Vacation

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‘Chaos Cooking’ Is Coming — Are We Ready?

Part neo-fusion, part middle finger, a new, brash food style is changing the face of restaurants