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Restaurants Are Selling Their Trophy Bottles to Make it Through the Pandemic

As dining rooms close in response to COVID-19, rare wine sales provide a much-needed revenue source for restaurants — and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for collectors

A Butter Dish Is the Only Hyper-Specific Kitchen Item Worth Buying

All Your Favorite Cool Cookware Startups Are Doing Black Friday

How to Make Wire Kitchen Shelves Not Look Terrible

This Gadget Takes Sushi to the Next Level

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The Blobs Have Come for Restaurant Design

Abstract, amorphous shapes inspired by Henri Matisse are covering restaurant walls and menus

The Spill-Proof Notebook Designed Specifically for Chefs

How to Prepare for One of the Toughest Restaurant Job Interviews

How the GM of Majordomo Runs One of the Buzziest Dining Rooms in America

The Restaurant Chair That Seems to Be Everywhere