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Rejoice in Bold Pakistani Flavors at the House that Biryani Built

Gather ‘round for spice-flecked kebabs, meaty biryanis, and fragrant curries at Biriyani Kabob House in Koreatown

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The Courage Effect: How One Boundary-Busting Shop Changed LA’s Bagel Scene Forever

Sourdough influences, farmers market toppings, and open-faced presentations are the core traits of an LA-style bagel

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New York Has Perfect French Fries. Just Ask Los Angeles.

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LA’s Hottest New Chinese Restaurants Are Subverting the Status Quo

A number of upscale restaurant openings are pushing the city’s Chinese food scene in exciting new directions

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As Avian Flu Cases Soar, LA Sandwich Shops Are Going Cold Turkey

A nationwide turkey shortage is affecting sandwich shops and butcher counters across Los Angeles

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Down by the LA River, a Boozy Fermentation Hub Is Bubbling Up

A growing roster of small-batch alcohol producers is creating a destination for imbibers that revitalizes the area’s little-known past

For Restaurant Owners, Instagram Hacks Create Major Headaches

Businesses are more reliant on Instagram than ever — which means more pain when they get locked out

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Is the Future of Restaurants Grassroots Funded?

Regulation crowdfunding allows people to directly lend to businesses they want to see grow — and earn profits from having done so

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’90s-Themed Pizza Darling Upside to Debut First Brooklyn Location

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This Curbside Sommelier Delivers Wine Right to Your Doorstep in Northeast LA