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Senior editor who covers a wide range of topics, including cookbooks, cooking, dining trends, restaurant business and operations, and food policy. Twitter/Instagram: @superdaniela

Which Food Magazine Has the Best Thanksgiving Cover?

What Would Ina Garten Serve Trump? ‘A Subpoena’

Alison Brie Keeps Two Jars of Almond Butter in Her Fridge at All Times

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The 24 Best Chocolate Shops in America

Where to find colorful, hand-painted bonbons, mosaic-like candy bars, and exceptional single-origin chocolates

Is Amex’s Gold Card the New Sapphire Reserve?

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NYC’s 20 Premier Pastry Shops

From orange-scented olive oil cake to gooey cinnamon rolls, here are the stand out places to get sweets in NYC

How to Write a Cookbook That Gets People Talking

Prolific cookbook writer Julia Turshen and first-time author Nik Sharma discuss diversity in cookbook publishing, and finding the freedom to speak their truth

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You Should Be Eating Pie for Breakfast

Meet the chefs who believe the sweet or savory pastry makes an ideal morning meal

Protesters Heckle Ted Cruz Until He Flees D.C. Restaurant

Inside Meghan Markle’s Cookbook Project, ‘Together’