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Dayna Evans is a writer and baker from Philadelphia. She is currently the head baker at Downtime Bakery and a former staff writer at and editor of Eater Philadelphia. Dayna was a senior editor at local arts publication Impose Magazine, a contributor to The Hairpin, then a staff writer at In 2015, she was hired by New York Magazine's the Cut, where she was a senior writer covering women in the workplace. There, she created the column How I Get It Done and developed the column I Think About This A Lot. She transitioned into a full-time freelance role at the end of 2017, and has been happily writing for a number of publications since.

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The Philly Patios Made for Outdoor Dining and Drinking

Get some fresh air at Philly restaurants offering dumplings and tacos, cold beer and cocktails, and umbrellas and waterfront views

A Sticky Bun Recipe That May Momentarily Change Your Outlook on Life

Claire Saffitz Put Fun (and Banoffee Pudding) on the Menu of Her New Cookbook

The baking icon wanted every page of "What’s for Dessert" to feel like a little celebration

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The Town That Panettone Built

A tiny medieval village hidden inside a national park produces world-famous Sicilian panettone

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Hey, Philly: It’s Soup Season

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Here Are Philly’s 2022 Eater Awards Winners

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Gifts for the Person Who Knows Food Is Always in Style

The coolest restaurant merch and food fashion to give this year

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I Freaking Love the Apple Database

Welcome to Orange Pippin, a fruit enthusiast’s fantasia

It’s Time to Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Lasagna

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This Year, Make Hand Pies Instead