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Barbecue Star Adam Perry Lang Confirms That He Once Worked for Jeffrey Epstein

Before recently unsealed depositions claimed Lang had flown on the disgraced financier’s private jet, the chef had never confirmed his connection to Epstein

Australian Import ‘The Chefs’ Line’ Is One of the Best Cooking Shows on Netflix 

Watch the Fab Five Group-Text Their Way to Tokyo in ‘Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!’ Trailer

Watch Football Underdog Rudy Become Colonel Sanders in New KFC Commercial

LeBron James Loves Taco Tuesday So Much, He’s Trying to Buy the Trademark

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9 Food Shows to Watch This Fall

From celebrity cook-offs to holiday baking competitions, these are the shows we’re most excited about this fall

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The 5 Best Food TV Shows of the Summer: Tacos, Chicken Parm, and More

Notes on new food shows, plus a roundup of the week’s entertainment news

‘The Great British Baking Show’ Is Back and More Charming Than Ever

Popeyes, Ever the Tease, Temporarily Removes Crispy Chicken Sandwich From Menu

Alton Brown Gave Everything He Had for ‘Good Eats: The Return’

When it comes to making "Good Eats," there are no shortcuts