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The Rock’s Tequila Brand Is Much More Than Just ‘The Rock’s Tequila Brand’

Teremana is the celeb-founded spirit that deserves your attention

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A photo of three bottles of tequila in an agave field. Teremana

When celebrities dip their toes into opening vineyards, creating their own beer, or, in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s case, crafting a tequila, the story behind the brand can sometimes get lost behind the star power. But in an era where these celeb-backed brands can feel more like endorsements, The Rock’s tequila brand, Teremana, goes beyond the marketing magic.

Launched in 2020, Teremana is produced by a single distillery in the Jalisco highlands that’s maintained by the Lopez family, who are third-generation agave growers and second-generation distillers. They use their generational knowledge to produce a tequila that honors traditional methods and gives back to the land it comes from. Deserving Teremana of its name, which loosely translates to “spirit of the earth,” from combining terra, the Latin word for earth, and mana, the Polynesian word for spirit.

As for The Rock himself, as the brand’s founder, he has been intimately involved in the project since its launch, working with the team in Jalisco, sipping more than 100 different distillations before deciding on the final tequila expressions. From the process to the final product, scroll through to read why Teremana is worthy of a spot on your bar cart.

An image of a man roasting agave in a brick oven.

The process

The small-batch tequila is made from 100 percent mature blue weber agave. Once they reach full maturity, the piñas are slow-roasted at low temperatures for three days in small, traditional brick ovens that are half the size of the industry average to bring out the plant’s natural flavors, before being shredded to extract the juices for fermentation. The tequila is then distilled in copper pot stills made by a local artisan. The company says that using copper stills in place of steel tanks that are typically seen in industrial tequila-making help to cancel out the sulfuric taste from the fermentation process, producing a cleaner, smoother product. Depending on the final expression, the tequila is bottled up or aged in ex-bourbon barrels until it’s ready to drink.

When it comes to sustainability, Teremana works to reduce its impact on the land in steps throughout the tequila-making process. Teremana composts the agave fibers that are leftover from the shredding process, then uses the compost as organic fertilizer for the agave fields. The distillery also cleans its leftover production water using a state-of-the-art filtration system so the water can be reused elsewhere on the property.

A photo of the outside of the distillery.

The product

Teremana’s portfolio of tequila is composed of three expressions: blanco, reposado, and añejo. Blanco is an unaged tequila with notes of bright citrus with a smooth, fresh finish. This is considered to be your go-to product as a base for cocktails. If you’re searching for something to sip on slowly, the Teremana Reposado is aged in wooden barrels and expresses notes of oak and vanilla with a rich finish. The brand’s newest addition, Teremana Añejo, is aged longer than the reposado expression, and exhibits deeper notes of warm oak with a lightly sweet and complex finish.

Considering Teremana’s tequila process follows traditional distillation methods, the product is rather accessible compared to other small-batch tequilas: A 750-ml bottle of Teremana Blanco falls in the $30-$33 range.

An image of a man working in an agave field

The purpose

Beyond giving back to the land throughout the distillation process, Teremana plans to give back to the service industry too with their initiative, Mana For A Cause. From October 16 and December 31, Teremana will donate $250,000 to Another Round Another Rally, a nonprofit that provides scholarships, grants, and emergency assistance to bar and restaurant workers. Sign up to get your bar involved here.

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