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A photo of an electric wire sculpture made with KiwiCo’s kit.
The final result of the Light-Up Wire Art kit.
Courtesy of KiwiCo

How to Throw the Perfect Wine and Crafting Night

Using your Eater Wine Club subscription and the KiwiCo Maker Crate.

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Picture this: It’s Friday night, you’ve just ordered takeout, and you’re cracking open the first bottle from the newest Eater Wine Club box. Now what? Move your hand away from that TV remote, because we’ve got a better idea for how you should spend your evening. With the help of our friends at KiwiCo, we humbly suggest that there’s no better pairing for a fresh bottle of wine than a hands-on, creative activity like crafting.

Whether you do it alone or with a group of friends, crafting is a great way to help you decompress, practice mindfulness, and tap into your inner kid. For a fun and relaxing evening, pair your favorite wine option with a grown-up art project from KiwiCo, known for their creative, hands-on projects for kids and kids at heart. As a gift to yourself, we suggest trying KiwiCo’s Maker Crate line: a monthly subscription (sound familiar?) that comes with one DIY craft project and all of the instructions and materials needed to complete it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time crafter or an experienced artisan — you’ll discover new artistic tools and techniques while also creating something beautiful and functional.

Read on for our suggestions on how to pair some of KiwiCo’s most popular crafting crates with the wines in your May box.

Crystal Ombre Soap Making

Pair with Marcel Richaud, A La Source, Cotes du Rhone: Red wine is classic and elegant, just like crystals and fancy soaps. Indulge your glamorous side with this combination. $35

Ice-Dyed Hat & Socks

Pair with Grandes Vignes Blanc, Estezargues: Light-hearted and fun, pair white wine with this tie-dye kit. (The best part? You'll end up with a cool new accessory!) $30

Light-Up Wire Art

Pair with Rimbert, Le Petit Cochon Bronze Rosé: A little funky, a little outside the box — make these unique glowing sculptures while sipping on your rosé. $35

Punch Needle Pillow

Pair with Sébastien David, Lisounette, Vin de France: The perfect craft for a cozy night. Craft your new favorite throw pillow while sipping on this delightful wine option. $40

Not into crafting? Not a problem! KiwiCo offers hands-on STEAM projects for children of every age and interest, from babies and toddlers to teenagers. Have crates delivered monthly for ongoing creativity and fun, or shop individual projects from categories like gifts under $20, chemistry, pretend play, music, and more.

Get started now and get 50% off your 1st month of any KiwiCo subscription (+ free shipping) or 20% off an individual crate when you use code: EATER. Offer valid 5/31/22.

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