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Knock Out Your Entire Holiday List With These Food and Drink Gifts

11 very good gifts to buy when you don’t want to think too hard about this.

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Some people proudly keep a bookmark folder full of handmade, highly individualized, and hard-to-source gifts to give come holiday time. Others wake up on December 14th with a dim realization that a gifting occasion is closing in, and try to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. To those people, we offer this list of 11 gifts that are incredibly easy to give, yet pack a cool factor that’ll make it look like you worked for it.

From universally-loved gifts like status olive oils, fancy candles, and a new Anthony Bourdain book, to cool décor and glassware that are affordable enough to give in multiples, here are the very best ways to get this whole gifting thing over with, without the flagrant use of gift cards.

Pineapple Collaborative The Olive Oil

Sometimes, the best “get this over with” gifting strategy is to buy in multiples. We’d wager there are at least four people on your list who would appreciate a very good tin of olive oil, like this fruity, buttery extra virgin oil from Pineapple Collective. Bonus: its packaging is so cute they won’t want to stash it in a cupboard.

Snowe Marble Cheese Board

This striking slab of marble is a welcome gift to pretty much anyone. For the accomplished dinner party host, it’s a chic new charcuterie platter. For the social media obsessed friend, a cool backdrop for flatlays. For the home décor obsessed, an unusually stylish catchall tray.


A fine 15-year scotch whisky is pretty much the definition of a gift that’s easy to give and easy to love. This bottle’s blend of rare vintage single malt and single grain scotch whiskies is finished in oak casks and is laced with notes of oak, dried fruit, and resinous honey — just the thing to top off a long day of holiday shopping, for you or them.

Sabine Bubble Glass Tumbler

Just a festive little lowball glass that’s surprisingly affordable, comes in fun lime green or periwinkle blue, and is dotted with little embedded bubbles. It’s practically made to serve a fizzy cocktail or make your favorite whiskey on rocks that much more fun.

Anthony Bourdain World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

An Anthony Bourdain book is the Type O blood of gifts: welcomed by all. Your chef cousin with forearms full of tattoos and grease spatters, your parents who thought Kitchen Confidential was a hoot, your aunt and uncle who travel the world and only ever talk about that little hole-in-the-wall they discovered — they all love Anthony Bourdain, and they’d all love this book of his memorable, irreverent, and insidery travel advice.

OMSOM Southeast Asian Sampler Trio

Sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham’s OMSOM was an instant hit with its sauce and spice blends inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia (not to mention its very appealing packaging). This sampler trio lets your giftee try their greatest-hit “starters” — a packet that contains all the sauces and seasonings you need to cook a meal, recipe included. Your giftee just adds the protein and veggies for an impressive-but-easy meal.

Murray's The MVP Most Valuable Platter

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a problem go away is to throw money at it. When Christmas is in two days, and you need a gift, it’s Murray’s to the rescue. This platter contains their most wanted cheese and charcuterie, plus Marcona almonds, fig jam, and Castelvetrano olives — quite a feast, and more impressive than a gift card.

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