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Photo illustration by Callum Abbott

Ready for Holiday Shopping? Add These 7 Thoughtful Gifts to Your Cart

Crowd-pleasing favorites for just about anyone on your list

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Your ears aren’t deceiving you: That faint tinkling of jingle bells is getting louder. Yes, the holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to start planning what gifts you want to buy for your loved ones.

Luckily for you, you’re a planner — you’ve made that list, and checked it twice. But as you’re making your way through it, you can go a little extra and buy those special ones on your list something that’s special and tailored to match their personality. Some gifts require a little more effort and coordination, but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the end when you see how happy it makes them. Others are tried-and-true favorites; case in point? No one will be disappointed with a bottle of their favorite spirit this season.

For ideas of customized gifts — everything for the gourmand to the chic home entertainer — here are seven fresh gift ideas for the holiday season.

Customized Apron

An apron is essential for home chefs. Hedley & Bennett designs professional-quality aprons (seriously, chefs love them!) from its Los Angeles headquarters in a variety of styles. You could choose one of their standard offerings, but customizing it — from the strap colors to the hardware — makes it all the more special and unique for your loved one receiving it. Give them one of these and now every time they cook, they’ll think of you.

Artisan Chef Knives

Where would chefs be without their knives? A knife should have a high-quality blade, yes, but it should be aesthetically pleasing, too. Bloodroot Blades creates customized knives using a hand-forged process with recycled steel. There is a waiting list for custom orders, but plan ahead for their monthly lottery —it never hurts to try.


The home entertainer in your life wants to make the best drinks possible for their guests, and that requires the best spirits. Surprise them with a bottle of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE for a gin that’s smooth and balanced. Maybe consider throwing in some mule cups for a complete package. If you show up with this to the holiday party, you’ll be the star of the show.

The Original Lobster Gram

Nothing says love to the seafood lover quite like lobster. It’s the ultimate seafood luxury and, thanks to Lobster Gram, it’s easy Treat them to the Original Lobster Gram which includes one pound of live hard shell Maine lobster and accouterments like lemon, butter, crackers, and lobster forks. You’ll need to coordinate the delivery date, but the effort will be worth it.

East Fork Pottery Bowl

You don’t need to get someone an entire dish set to make a statement. A simple, beautifully crafted ceramic bowl from Asheville-based East Fork is enough to make anyone swoon. Though called a breakfast bowl, it’s an excellent vessel for anything from ice cream to hummus. Whatever the recipient puts in the bowl, using it makes anything feel more like an experience. Everything at East Fork is made in small batches and come in comforting shades like mustardy “harvest moon” and earthy “morel mushroom.”

The Original Phin Kit

Your favorite caffeine fiend will appreciate this Nguyen Coffee Supply phin kit. Using Vietnamese coffee, which is strong yet low-acid, they can brew a four-ounce cup with the stainless steel filter included in the kit. This is an especially great gift for coffee lovers on the go as these kits are portable.

Online Cooking Class

The gift of an experience is truly memorable. With a little planning, you and your friend can take a home cooking class together with the help of Sur La Table which hosts online cooking classes. You’ll need to buy the ingredients and make sure everything is prepped, but then you can have a fun time making something like a wild mushroom galette together. Maybe go ahead and grab that bottle of Bombay Sapphire to pair with whatever you cook up.

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