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Meet The Plant-Based Burger Everyone’s Talking About

The Lightlife® Burger has won over vegetarians, carnivores, and flexitarians alike — here’s how to make it at home, and where to try it near you.

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Is there any food more quintessential to summer than a burger? We think not. Just saying the word “burger” conjures up some salivating senses: the smell of the sizzling meat on the grill, the juicy texture upon your first bite, the flavor of perfectly seasoned ground beef cushioned in a fluffy bun and toppings galore.

What if we told you you could have all of that, plus 20 grams of protein and 0 grams of cholesterol, in a plant-based burger?

Now that we have your attention, it’s time to discover what makes the Lightlife Plant-Based Burger a great choice to pick up in the meat aisle. You don’t have to be solely vegan or vegetarian to appreciate a plant-based burger — in fact, we bet that even the most die-hard carnivores would be interested in a burger that provides plant-based protein and a quarter of the saturated fat of a traditional beef burger. But what has fueled the growth of plant-based food sales in the U.S., and the rise of the “flexitarian” diet, is that the foods taste better than ever before. (This is not your hippie aunt’s sad soy burger leftover at the family barbecue.) Now, plant-based burgers like Lightlife’s mimic the best of a beef patty in taste, texture, and cooking times, without the downsides of unhealthy fats and greenhouse gas emissions from production.

Have we piqued your interest in a plant-based burger this summer? Great timing — Eater and Lightlife have paired up for a food truck road trip across North America, to give curious flexitarians like yourself a chance to try them. If you’re in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Toronto, you can try a Lightlife burger for yourself this summer at the Lightlife x Eater food truck.

Don’t live in one of those four cities? No problem — just pick up a package of Lightlife Plant-Based Burgers on your next grocery run, and pull up one of these tested recipes for some meal inspiration. You can always stick with the classic toppings, or go wild with crispy kale chips, avocado, burrata, or grilled veggie as your toppings (yes, you can do it all!). No matter your burger style, we have a recipe to fit all of your cravings.

8 Plant-Based Burger Recipes to Try This Summer

Big Apple Burger

With a city known as the Big Apple and orchards never failing to produce countless varieties of native apples, New York’s signature burger could only be a classic Big Apple burger oozing with caramelized onions and a slice of Empire apple. You could top it with sharp NY cheddar, but we like it with dairy-free Chao Creamy Original Slices. They peel easily, add a kick of umami thanks to the fermented tofu, and — most important for the perfect burger — melt like a dream.

Deep Dish Burger

Inspired by Chicago deep dish pizza, but even more reminiscent of a meatball sub, this burger is loaded with garlicky tomato basil marinara, a slice of melted fresh mozzarella cheese and more fresh basil and oregano. The super-crusty ciabatta bun has a chewy spongy interior perfect for soaking up all that extra marinara and burger juices.

SoCal Burger

LA in the summer conjures up images of food trucks dishing out tacos topped with crisp summer vegetable pickles, fast food at the beach that feels like slow home cooking. This Lightlife Burger is rubbed with carne asada spices, served on a fluffy potato bun and topped with avocado, salsa, and moderately spicy pickled carrots, onions, radishes and jalapeno slices.

Toronto’s Signature Sandwich

Toronto’s signature sandwich is the Peameal sandwich, which features slices of cured lean pork loin that has been rolled in cornmeal. Originally, it was crusted with crushed yellow peas, which is how it got its name. Between the crunch of the cornmeal-crusted Lightlife Burger patty, the zip of the plant-based mayo and dijon mustard combo and the freshness of the tomato, this sandwich really does have it all as is. But you can still do as Torontans do and add a fried egg for a perfect breakfast sandwich.

The TTLA (Tempeh, Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado) Burger

This is like a classic BLT only better and 100% plant based. We top the Lightlife Plant-Based Burger with Lightlife Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips for the ideal bacon substitute, and a homemade simple plant-based mayonnaise made from cashews. Finish it off with a slice of juicy summer tomato, lettuce, salt and freshly cracked black pepper and serve on toasted whole grain buns.

Mediterranean Summer Burger

If you’re already firing up the grill to make a burger, grill up some veggies with it, too. The key to grilled eggplant and zucchini that’s flavorful is a punched-up marinade (and salt, as it’ll help keep them from turning soggy and absorbing too much oil). And of course, just about anything is better with burrata on top.

Garlic Pesto Burger

This burger slathered in a plant-based garlic scape pesto celebrates the limited produce available early in the summer, and is perfect served cold or room temperature so you can take along to your next picnic in the park.

Macrobiotic Burger

Crispy kale chips and salty spicy ginger miso sauce elevate a standard burger experience to one fit for a waterside yoga retreat. The ginger and miso will reduce inflammation and promote your digestion, so you can have another guilt-free.

Hungry yet? If you’re ready to try one of these recipes at home, start with Lightlife Burgers at one of these retailers near you. To find Lightlife, visit the store locator on their website.

Where to find Lightlife Burgers Near You

East Coast West Coast Midwest Canada
East Coast West Coast Midwest Canada
Stop & Shop, ACME, Wegmans Sprouts, Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, Pavilions Jewel-Osco, Fresh Thyme Sobeys, Metro, Loblaws, Longos

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