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Discover the Classic and Modern Sides of Barcelona’s Unique Architecture

This is the first episode of our series, “Connections: See Both Sides,” where we’ll visit six international cities to explore two sides of the same city to find inspiration.

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Watch Will Taylor, an interior design author and blogger based in New York, on his two-day journey through Barcelona to experience two sides of the city’s architecture: the classic and the modern.

If you mention “Barcelona” and “architecture” in the same sentence, chances are that the name “Gaudí” will follow soon after. Antoni Gaudí’s Catalan Modernist buildings are indeed deeply influential on the city — it feels as though a curvy, colorful Gaudí building is hiding around every corner — but landmark neoclassical and modern buildings also call Barcelona home.

With the help of architecture experts from Gaudí Inspired and Context Travel, Taylor explored iconic buildings such as La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Pavilion, and Torre Agbar. See how the modern buildings of Barcelona echo their classic counterparts and how Taylor draws inspiration from the colors, shapes, and forms of the city’s architecture for his own design work.

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