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Hear the History and Spirit of Jazz Explained By One of New Orleans’ Most Renowned Bands

This is episode seven of our seven-part series called 'Making Your Connection.' See below for more episodes!

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As a world-famous surfer, Tim Curran knows how to catch the perfect wave. When he’s not in the water, you can find him singing and strumming his guitar and searching for that perfect chord. What better place to find music inspiration than in New Orleans, the city of jazz? There, Curran met up with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band — a recipient of the National Medal of Arts — one of the quintessential music groups on the New Orleans jazz scene.

Together, the group talked surfing, the important role of music in bringing people together, and the ways in which travel can change your perspective on music (and everything else). Curran took a tour through the city with Ben Jaffe, Preservation Hall’s Creative Director, who also plays tuba and upright bass, to show him some of the local context around jazz. This is their journey.

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