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Here’s Where an Acclaimed Photographer and a Michelin-Starred Chef Go in New York City

This is episode four of our seven-part series called 'Making Your Connection.' See below for more episodes!

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Melanie Dunea travels far and wide to capture the perfect shot. She’s photographed food around the world, such as Afghanistan’s saffron harvest, for a variety of books and publications. She’s also photographed some of the world’s top food chefs for her own books, My Last Supper and My Last Supper, The Final Course, which asks well-known personalities, like Michelin-starred chef April Bloomfield, to name their final meals.

Bloomfield is known for her popular New York City restaurants: The Breslin at New York’s Ace Hotel and The Spotted Pig in the West Village.

Dunea caught up with Bloomfield in New York to share her latest photo project. Dunea is on a mission to seek out “little gems,” or places right before our eyes that go unnoticed. Bloomfield had the perfect culinary spot in mind to add to her friend’s collection: Kalustyan’s in Manhattan.

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