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This Is What Happens When a San Francisco Mixologist and a Michelin-Starred Chef Collaborate

This is episode three of our seven-part series called 'Making Your Connection.' See below for more episodes!

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Nothing tastes better than an expertly prepared meal, which is why it was so worthwhile for Jon Gasparini, the San Francisco mixologist behind Rye on the Road and 15 Romolo, to travel east for dinner with April Bloomfield, a Michelin starred chef twice over. Instead of dining at The Spotted Pig or The Breslin (Bloomfield’s two New York City restaurants) the two made their own meal in the Catskills with ingredients from local vendors.

Bloomfield taught Gasparini some tricks of the trade over an open flame, while he mixed up pre-dinner drinks. The result? a memorable connection made over a picnic table between the two. Hopefully that’s a sign of a future collaboration on either the east or west coast.

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