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Jordan Siemens

Here Are the Easy Swaps You Can Make for a Healthier Life

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Maybe you've resorted to a night or two of pizza recently despite your commitment to a healthier you. But don't let a setback deter from tackling your goals. To truly be your best self, make these small and manageable swaps in your daily routine to maintain healthy habits all year long.

Cinnamon spice for sugary sweet

We all know that your cup of coffee is a morning staple. But if you’re sprinkling a little sugar on that oatmeal or into your coffee mug, stop right there. A sugar-laden diet deteriorates metabolic health and contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other health concerns. To put a bit of pep in your morning sustenance, replace sugar with a pinch of cinnamon for some spicy variety. Added bonus: Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with antioxidants.

Bringing lunch for eating out

Be nice to your wallet and to your waistline. Bringing your own lunch can save you around 60 percent in savings over eating out. And even if you buy a salad, your salad dressing is most likely loaded with added sugars. With Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers, which are made with nutritious and organic ingredients, you can enjoy all the flavor of a hearty meal while keeping lunch easy and affordable.

Standing up for sitting down

The jury is still out on whether committing to a standing desk will counter the long-term negative effects of sitting (which range from organ damage to flabby abs), but a recent study from Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health found that participants using standing desks increased their productivity significantly. If a standing desk is an option at work, try it out. If not, find other ways to get moving if your job has you sitting still. Have a "walk and talk" meeting with a coworker, or take a lap around the building in the afternoon to clear your head.

Feeling stagnant for feeling invigorated

If you’re slacking on that exercise routine, you might just be stuck in a workout rut. So trade in your old ways for something more inspiring: Water is 800 times denser than air, which makes swimming a great resistance workout, plus the extra dose of summer feelings. If you’re feeling rhythmic, dance workouts like Zumba improve cognitive ability and balance while burning calories. Prefer something competitive? Boxing is a total body workout that improves overall agility. Experts say it takes about two months to form a habit, so grit your teeth and get over that initial hump – you’ve got this.

Noise for Silence

It may sound simple to make time for quiet in your day, but the glow of screens and hum of background noise has become a near-constant source of stimulation. Consistent noise has even been shown to elevate stress hormones, and one study in particular revealed that just two minutes of silence proved more relaxing than listening to calming music. Two minutes doesn't sound like long, but it can feel like an eternity when your cellphone vibrates. That email can wait. Go ahead and turn your phone off for a few minutes in the evening as you're winding down or in the morning as you're beginning your day. Take a moment for mindfulness for yourself and regenerate the part of your brain that handles memory, emotion, and learning.

It’s never been easier to commit to a healthier new you. Find the new Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers made with organic ingredients in the frozen aisle to make a first small step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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