Pho Hoa

Map: 1834 Tully Road, San Jose, California

Binh Nguyen, the founder of Pho Hoa, discusses the appeal of pho and how his restaurant grew into an international franchise.

Pho Ga Hung

Map: 1818 Tully Road #120, San Jose, California

John Khanh Vu tells the story of how his parents came to San Jose and why they decided to open their restaurant, Pho Ga Hung.

Nuoc Mia Vien Dong 2

Map: 979 Story Road, San Jose, California

Nuoc Mia Vien Dong sits in Grand Century Mall, the newer of the two shopping centers that form San Jose’s Vietnamese hub. Here John Vu explains how Vietnamese businesses came to dominate these centers. His parents opened their restaurant, Pho Ga Hung, in the older mall, Lion Plaza, 30 years ago.

Bun Bo Hue

Map: 2871 Senter Road, San Jose, California

When she opened Bun Bo Hue decades ago, owner Ngoc Ngo was one of the first to offer a taste of central Vietnam in San Jose. Now her daughter-in-law, Hue Ngo, carries on the recipes at her own place, Huế Restaurant. Here Loc Vu, the founder of San Jose’s Viet Museum, explains the importance of a mother’s cooking, and the foods that taste like home.

Eurasia Delight

Map: 1111 Story Road, San Jose, California

Many of the snacks and ingredients offered at Eurasia Delight show the lingering influence of the French colonization of Vietnam. In this clip, Viet Museum founder Loc Vu discusses the impact of the French, and how it led to a well-known dish: the banh mi.

Cao Nguyen

Map: 2549 S King Road, San Jose, California

Cao Nguyen offers the closest thing to dining in a Vietnamese family’s home. The owner, Nga, learned these recipes from her grandmother, and brought them with here when she escaped Vietnam by boat. Loc Vu touches on home cooking, and on what refugees like Nga left behind.