Haitians in Miami: A Story of Resilience

October 26, 2016

Since the first Haitian immigrants arrived in 1963, a thriving Haitian community has grown in Miami. From the vibrant murals of Little Haiti to the business districts of North Miami, the story of that community is one of extraordinary resilience and ingenuity — overcoming political strife, natural disasters, racial discrimination and negative stereotyping to build a home in south Florida.

As the community has grown, Haitian entrepreneurs have opened a broad array of restaurants and shops that reflect the customs and cuisine of their home island.

This guide is a celebration of the Haitian culinary landscape in Miami. We’ll take you to some of the many Haitian-owned businesses that are carrying on Haiti’s distinctive blend of Caribbean cooking styles, French colonial influences, and unique local ingredients.

Watch the video, read the history, hear stories of local food entrepreneurs, and taste some of the signature dishes of Little Haiti.

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