Sahag's Basturma

Map: 5183 Sunset Boulevard

Owner Harry Tashyan’s ancestors moved from Turkey to Lebanon to escape the Armenian Genocide, then from Lebanon to Soviet Armenia. Tashyan and his family are exemplary of the multitude of Armenian identities that Armenian performer and playwright Lory Tatoulian describes in this clip.


Map: 304 N Brand Boulevard, Glendale

Here, Carousel owner Mike Tcholakian explains what distinguishes Lebanese-Armenian cuisine from other varieties of Armenian food and describes some of his family’s specialties.

Raffi's Place

Map: 211 E Broadway, Glendale

Raffi’s Place has served Persian-Armenian food for over 20 years. Listen as Lory Tatoulian describes how L.A.’s Armenian community has grown in those decades and how the distinctions between different branches of Armenian food are blurring.

Falafel Arax

Map: 5101 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 2

Falafel Arax owner Anto Ohanessian tells the story of his family’s business, and discusses the Middle Eastern influence on Armenian cuisine.

Taron Bakery

Map: 4950 Hollywood Boulevard

Taron Bakery specializes in borek, lahmajun, and other breads you might find in an Armenian mezze spread. Now, Lory Tatoulian explains the importance of mezze to Armenian dining traditions.

Papillon Bakery

Map: 1100 S Central Avenue, Glendale

At Papillon Bakery, Jack Akopian offers fresh-fried ponchiks and piroshki. Here, he describes the traditional method for making these sweet and savory treats, and explains how he does it at his shop.