Map: 37-65 74th Street

There’s a true community in Jackson Heights. People come to meet their friends and family in the neighborhood, and as more restaurants open and more people move to the area, it starts to feel more like home for transplants. Hear more in this clip. More on Phayul.

Himalayan Yak

Map: 72-20 Roosevelt Avenue

Himalayan Yak was one of the very first Himalayan restaurants to open in Jackson Heights. It’s one of the few that serves yak meat; learn more about the different preparations here. More on Himalayan Yak.

Amdo Kitchen

Map: 37-59 74th Street

Known for its momos, Amdo Kitchen started as a pushcart and now operates as a food truck in Jackson Heights. In this clip, hear more about just how much goes into truck operations, from health inspections to finances. More on Amdo Kitchen.

Bhutanese Ema Datsi

Map: 67-21 Woodside Avenue

Ema Datsi owner Lekey Drakpa expounds on the healthy aspects of Bhutanese food and how the cuisine fits into the landscape of Himalayan food cultures. More on Bhutanese Ema Datsi.

Tawa Food

Map: 37-38 72nd Street

The thalis at Tawa Food stick to the theme — a thali is a round platter with a variety of foods, common across Southeast Asia — but offer distinctly Nepali dishes, from curries and dry meat to spicy achaar. More on Tawa Food.

Mustang Thakali Kitchen

Map: 74-14 37th Avenue

Dhido, called yhosi here, is a staple in Nepal’s Mustang region. It’s made with buckwheat flour and is one of many regional specialties you can find on the menu of Mustang Thakali Kitchen in Jackson Heights. More on Mustang Thakali Kitchen.