Cock's Bajan Restaurant and Bakery

Map: 806 Nostrand Avenue

Hugh Chandler — aka Mr. Cocks — grew up in Barbados, then came to the U.S. over two decades ago. Here, he talks about how the neighborhood has changed plus what to order at his Crown Heights restaurant and how the name came to be. More on Cock’s Bajan Restaurant.

Veggies Juice Bar

Map: 785 Franklin Avenue

At Veggies Natural Juice Bar and across the food cultures in the Caribbean, there’s an emphasis on natural foods coming straight from the earth. Hear co-owner Jahman McKenzie explain why this matters. More on Veggies.


Map: 764 Nostrand Avenue

Amidst a changing neighborhood, the team behind Gloria’s — now with three locations in Crown Heights — caters to a growing clientele while staying true to Caribbean roots. “It’s not just for one kind of people, it’s for everyone,” says Gloria’s grandson and current owner Bryan Cumberbatch. More on Gloria’s.

Joy & Snook

Map: 762 Nostrand Avenue

Joy Smith describes the dishes she serves at her Guyanese restaurant Joy & Snook: bora, or long beans, served with chicken or swordfish; banga mary; split-pea fritters called pholourie; and pepperpots. More on Joy & Snook.

Labay Market

Map: 1127 Nostrand Avenue

Labay owner McDonald Romain — know across the neighborhood as Big Mac — shares his thoughts Caribbean food, how to eat healthy, and what he hopes his food market is doing for Crown Heights. More on Labay Market.

Trinidad Golden Place Restaurant

Map: 788 Nostrand Avenue

Although gentrification is a word that frequently — and rightfully — leaves people wary, Bryant Rahaman of Trinidad Golden Place thinks that diversifying Crown Heights could be for the better. More on Trinidad Golden Place.