Nuevo Leon Restaurant

Map: 3657 W. 26th Street

Nuevo Leon has been serving homestyle Mexican food in Chicago since 1962. Here, Laura Gutierrez, grandaughter of founder Emeterio Gutierrez, tells the story of her family’s restaurant.

Los Gallos

Map: 4211 W. 26th Street

Salvador Hernandez opened the original Los Gallos in 1982. In this clip, he tells the story of his restaurant, and of one of his best-known dishes: carne en su jugo.


Map: 3617 W. 27th Street

Azucar specializes in helados, or frozen treats. Here Victor Garcia, whose family owns the shop, describes some of the traditional ice cream flavors that offer a taste of Mexico.

Caminos de Michoacan Bar

Map: 1659 W. Cullerton

Caminos de Michoacan, a longstanding dive bar in Pilsen, is one of many Chicago businesses founded by an immigrant from the northern Mexican state of Michoacán. Here Mario Lucero describes the influence of the Michoacán community on Pilsen as a whole.

El Milagro Taqueria and Tortilleria

Map: 3050 W. 26th Street

Mario Lucero, assistant director of the Latino Cultural Center at the University of Illinois, Chicago, discusses how tortillerias like El Milagro keep Mexican immigrants connected to the traditions of their homeland.

Yvolina's Tamales

Map: 814 W. 18th Street

Marcelina Hernandez, owner of Yvolinas Tamales, describes how she built her business up from nothing in order to support her mother, her daughter, and herself.